Viral Video: Out Of Control Students Fight, Curse As Helpless Teacher Gives Up In Chicago High School

  • by: Alan Duke

Chicago high school students are heard cursing and seen fighting and disrespecting their teacher and each other in a cell phone video that has gone viral on Facebook.

The 5-minute video was apparently recorded in a class room at the Chicago Vocational Career Academy, a 4-year high school in the Avalon Park neighborhood on Chicago's south side.

The teacher appears to have given up and remained nearly-silent at her desk as mayhem unfolds in the class.

***EVERYBODY PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE***What's wrong with this new generation!! This is freaking ridiculous!! I'm pissed the F**ked off, then they wonder why teacher's don't care, this is a prime example. These Kids need to be locked up like the animals they are this is Sad.....This needs to be reported...***EVERYBODY PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO***

Posted by Derk Brown on Sunday, November 1, 2015

School officials did not immediately respond to Lead Stories' calls about the video. Our Trendolizer system noted the video trending on Facebook on November 2, 2015.

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